Shop set-up instructions

Last updated: May, 24th 2022

Welcome Fave Sellers!

We are so excited to be launching the first fan-to-fan marketplace with you. We see the marketplace as an exciting and new avenue for fans to create, express their passion, connect with each other, and truly get rewarded for it! Thank you in advance for trusting and partnering with us. Your feedback and opinion is essential to the success of this experience, so do not hesitate to reach out if and when it's needed. We are excited to continue to launch more and more features for the marketplace, so this is just the beginning of our journey together.

Setting up your shop

Want to know something cool? You can have just one account for both Fave app and Marketplace. To begin selling products on the marketplace you just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Creating your account

    You can sign up on Fave marketplace using your phone number, if you already have Fave app account just use the same phone number so both account will be integrated. The process is really simple, after providing your phone number you will receive a sms with the code to validate your phone number.

    You can click here and sign up.

  2. Set up your profile

    We will need your Shop Name and Address for shipping, tax, and VAT purposes. Therefore, you can add that information by going to "Manage Shop > Shop settings". You can also add more details like shop description, social media links and shop policies.

    Fave shop set-up instructions
  3. Set up shipping

    Through flat rate shipping you will be able to set where you are willing to ship your products, and how much that would cost. Go to “Manage Shop > Shipping” to set up the details.

    Fave shop set-up instructions
    1. First, you must set up a shipping range. Ranges are beneficial if you want to set different shipping costs based on how heavy the shipment is, or discounts based on how much a customer has purchased. 😊

      For example:

      • Any purchase from $0 to $100 will cost $15
      • Any purchase from $101 to $9,999 will have free shipping
      • Any purchase from 1 to 10 pounds (up to 10.99 pounds) will cost $5
      • Any purchase from 11 to 20 pounds (up to 20.99 pounds) will cost $7.50
      You can only set ranges based on price or weight, not both. So decide which range is best suited for your products and country.
      Fave shop set-up instructions
    2. Once you've added the ranges, you’ll be able to set the countries you will ship to. You just need to click on “Select country” field and choose the country.
      Fave shop set-up instructions
    3. And then add how much you want to charge for each range by country:
      Fave shop set-up instructions
  4. Optional: Send us your CSV

    If you have an existing shop on Shopify, Etsy, or any other marketplace platform, and you want to also sell those products on Fave, feel free to send us the shop CSV to [email protected] and we will get those products set up and connected to your profile. If you do not have an existing shop you want to migrate over to Fave, feel free to continue below to see how you can add products yourself.

Managing your shop

Adding & managing your products

  1. To add products on your shop, you go to "Manage Shop > Listings". Here you will find all your products and will be easily able to add new products or edit the existing ones.
    Fave shop set-up instructions
  2. Provide important information about your products and try to give a good detailed description so buyers can find all they need to know.
    Fave shop set-up instructions
  3. If you want to change your product’s price, description or even disable your product, just go to “Manage Shop > Listings” find the product you want and click on the three dots.
    Fave shop set-up instructions

Managing shipping conditions for Flat Rate Shipping

For customers to actually purchase your products, you must set up what countries you will ship to, and for how much.

  1. To manage your shipping details, go to “Manage Shop > Shipping” and you will see a list of all countries, ranges and costs you added. On this screen you can change or add a country, change prices per range and delete.
    Fave shop set-up instructions
  2. Click on “Edit Range” to be able to edit or add ranges or change the range type (i.e.: from Price to Weight).
    Fave shop set-up instructions

Managing your order

  1. Go to “Manage Shop > Orders” to see all your orders. Note that every time you receive a new order a red dot will be displayed on title the sub-menu “Orders”.
    Fave shop set-up instructions
  2. Click on the order to open order details and then on the Start fulfilling the order button:
    Fave shop set-up instructions
    You can also provide tracking details as tracking, provider (delivery company) and tracking URL. When you’re done, just click on Save and Fulfil the order button.
    Fave shop set-up instructions
  3. Note that inside of the order there is a “message” field where you can change messages with buyer. Use that field to ask any extra information if is needed and answer back any question from buyers.
    Fave shop set-up instructions

You're all set!

By following the instructions above, your shop is now all ready to go. Additional instructions will be coming soon around payouts! If there are any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!

Fave shop set-up instructions