Everything you need to know about becoming the seller. If you do not see answer to your question, you can always contact us.

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What is the marketplace?

The marketplace is a one-stop shop for all fandom items! We have created this experience to allows fans to find their favorite fan items all in one place, instead of having to navigate through multiple sites. This allow fan sellers, aka you, to show off your awesome creations and get rewarded for it.

How does listing my shop on Fave benefit me?

Fave allows you to sell your fan creations to a targeted audience; a place where fans will be hanging out, and therefore, help boost your sales and conversion.

Will there be any marketing regarding my shop on Fave?

Currently, we accept buyers globally and sellers in the countries that PayPal currently operates. You can check the full list here.

If I have any questions regarding anything, is there someone I could contact?

For any questions you have please email [email protected]. We will be monitoring this on a 24/7 basis.

Sign me up! How can I get started?

Woohoo! You just need to click here and sign up with your phone number. Reach out to us at [email protected] for any questions or concerns. See you on Fave!

Getting Started

Will I need to create a new account or will I just need a Fave account?

If you have existing Fave account you can login/sign up using the same phone number. You will be asked for additional details to operate on marketplace but it is one login. If you’re new here you can create a new account using your phone number.

You will not be able to sync your current Shopify/Etsy/Big Cartel shops with the Fave Marketplace. Therefore, you will not be using any existing accounts to create your shop on the Fave Marketplace.

What CSV file do you need?

The CSV file that you need to export has your products/descriptions/images. We do not need any file that has confidential information about your customers or transactions. The CSV file just ensures that your products are integrated on our shop. This is optional but will save you time when importing your shop over to our platform.

How do I send my shop's CSV file?

You can send to [email protected]

Will the admin page of the shop be accessible from the app? If so, is it strictly the app or will there be access through a webpage?

You will be able to access your seller admin experience on both mobile and desktop. To access the seller admin experience from the app, you will do it through the marketplace icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Product & Shop Management

Are we able to have other kinds of art in our shops as well, or would it be restricted to only the fandoms?

You will only be able to sell products related to the fandoms that exist on Fave. In the future, we would hope to have fandoms for all sorts of fan creations!

Can I close my shop at any given time?

Yes, if you decide you’d no longer like to sell on Fave, you can close your shop at any time. You just need to send an email to [email protected] and we will take care of it for you.

Are shops accessible globally?

Yes! The marketplace is open globally. However, sellers will determine what countries their products can be shipped to. Therefore, not all products will be available globally.

If I make products for multiple fandoms, can I list my products with that one or multiple fandoms?

You can list your product for multiple fandoms, you will need to list the product for each fandom you want to sell.

Will there be an inventory tracking system? If it is a crossover between shops will I need to have a specific qty separate for Fave and for my other shops?

You will have the option to leverage an inventory tracking system for products you sell on Fave. However, this will be separate from any other shops you might have, whether on Shopify, Etsy, or etc.

How will Fave handle fraudulent charges, or open chargeback claims against the creators?

If and when there are disputes and fraud, you will be able to manage and resolve them through your PayPal account. Fave will aim to support you where we can, but it is ultimately your responsibility to respond to these disputes. It is important that you maintain any form of evidence that might help your case that a valid sale has occurred. This includes, but not limited to: web logs, email communications, shipment tracking numbers and delivery confirmation, proof of prior refunds or replacement shipments, etc. You can find more information here.

* If you are out of US, don’t forget to change you Country on the bottom of PayPal page.

Are there any legal implications with selling fan merch using the likeness of celebrities without proper licensing such as copyright infringement?

While copyright is legally in the hands of the sellers, note Fave is working directly with creators/labels to partner with them and provide them revenue from the sales of the products sold by their fans, so this risk is mitigated as we are creating a win-win scenario for both fan and creator that we're excited for to introduce to the industry. If the creators/labels still has concerns with a specific product, they will reach out to our team and we will alert you accordingly.

Payments & Fees

How will I get paid? Will it be directly through Fave?

Your revenue will be paid out directly to your PayPal business account, as they are the payment provider for the Fave Marketplace. Payments will be done weekly, and if you have any questions please reach us out by [email protected].

What is Fave's transaction fee?

Fave's transaction fee will be 4.6% on your sales. This 4.6% will be split between Fave and the artist. You will receive 95.4%, 2.3% to Fave, and the remaining 2.3% will goes back to the artist that inspired your creation.

What kind of payment options will the shops have? Credit card? Paypal? Will the fees for these services be the same as Shopify's?

The only payment option will be PayPal, and Fave will cover the fees as part of the Fave transaction fee.

With Etsy, we have to pay to list products as well as renewing those listings and there is also a fee when we purchase a label through them. Would there be similar expenditures with Fave?

No, we will not currently charge any additional fees outside the transaction fee without notice.

Will all the transactions on Fave go through my existing store on another platform like Etsy?

No. This is a completely separate marketplace. Therefore, you will be required to set up and manage your shop independent of your shops on other platforms.

Will Fave’s transaction fee be in addition to my existing store?

No. Any sale you make on the Fave Marketplace will have a 4.6% transaction fee. Any sale you make on your existing shop will be subject to fees on that platform. Fave will not charge any fee for sales you make on other platforms, and vice versa.

It was stated that the sharing percentage will be - 95.4%(Seller) + 2.3%(Fave) + 2.3%(Artist). Will this division be solely on the amount we get as profit after cutting off our expenses and manufacturing costs from the order or the whole order cost?

This will be on the total revenue; before tax, VAT, and shipping. Therefore, we suggest including this transaction fee into your price to ensure you are not operating at a loss!

Shipping & Taxes

How does your platform handle shipping integration?

You will be able to determine what countries you are shipping to, as well as different shipping costs or discounts depending on the purchase price or weight. Will you be able provide tracking information for the buyer during the order’s fulfilment.

Will calculated shipping be included? If so, will it allow for a combination of flat rate options and calculated shipping like Shopify?

We currently provide you the option to set up flat-rate shipping. We will plan to integrate with third-party shipping providers. If you like a specific one, let us know at [email protected].

In terms of site encryption will your site/app be secure? Will we have something like two-factor authentication?

We have used a thirdy part to built our marketplace, so they are handling the encryption, security and GDPR regulations. We are currently not requiring two-factor authentication, rather we leveraging on a third party integration to login with phone code authentication. This way, you can easily log in without worrying about your data.

How does your platform handle income tax, sales tax, Integration with other tax software, VAT, IOSS, and any other international regulations for sales transactions?

We are leveraging TaxJar to help collect US sales tax at the point of payment, so you don’t need to worry about it. In addition, we are currently working with our accountants to ensure that we manage the tax and international fee/regulations appropriately, as well as support you where needed. We will have more information about this to come.

If UK/EU VAT handling is not going to be implemented, how would we avoid or handle orders from these places?

You will set what countries you are willing to ship to. Therefore, you can decide not to ship to the EU by not including them in your list of countries. Customers will not be able to check-out if they are shipping to a country you do not ship to.

Does your platform fall under the umbrella of OMPs and does it remit sales tax for us, or will we need to apply for the appropriate seller's permit?

We are currently verifying the details of this with our accountants. We will get back to you on these details in the coming weeks.

Still have questions or looking for tips? Check out our Seller Help Center.