Still With You Koo


Still With You Koo


Available units: 2

Before moving ahead:
1) Please make sure to check out USPS shipping restrictions in my carrd before making any purchases. If you purchase from me and I cannot ship to you I will have to refund your order as I don't know how long it will take for the restriction to be lifted
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| Details
☾ 3.5"
☾ Gold plating
☾ Pearlescent effect
☾ Hard enamel

| Grades
☾ A Grades:
These are the pins closest that are closest to perfect in the batch! They have very little to no flaws
☾ B Grades:
These pins have slightly more flaws than A grades and while they aren't immediately noticeable they still do exist. These flaws consist of small bits of paint spilling onto enamel, light marks or scratches, or small pieces of metal that weren't completely cut out.
☾ C Grades:
These pins have even more flaws than B grades and they are definitely more noticeable. For example, there may be more paint on the metal parts, larger scratches/metal, bent backings or missing enamel.
☾ Seconds:
These are the worst of the batch as these pins have flaws that completely change the look of the pin - large parts of enamel are missing or there are large markings that cover the paint/details

| Disclaimer
☾ I will not be accepting any exchanges or refunds
☾ I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once packages are mailed, anything that may happen to it is out of my hands.