Jungkook Pin


Available units: 52


~ Type : Hard Enamel

~ Size : 2 x 1.5 Inches

~ Finish : Nickel Plating

~ Extra : 2 Butterfly Clutches (Two Backings)


Each pin comes with a custom art print! ♡ (In photo)


What are grades?

- Grades are used to separate the pins from the best of the batch from ones that have minor flaws. Not all pins are made perfectly during manufacturing, so grading helps ensure that you buyers get the pins at the quality you want!


~ No/some extremely minor flaws.

~ Best quality pins!

~ If there are any flaws, they are only noticeable with close inspection.


~ Great quality pins.

~ Have some more noticeable flaws than an A grade.

~ For the most part, these flaws are not noticeable when looking from a bit of a distance. Such as; disfigured metal, slightly unfilled enamel, etc.

~ Priced cheaper than an A grade.


~ Noticeable flaws that affect the look of the pin.

~ These flaws include; Missing screen printing, large scratches, spilled enamel, missing enamel, etc.

~ Cheaper than a B grade.


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~ By purchasing you are understanding and agreeing to my policies! Thank you!