Film Out Print


Available units: 4

Before moving ahead:
1) If you'd like to save on shipping - please feel free to check out my Etsy (namusmoon) or BigCartel shop (US only - as I provide more shipping options for prints there! 
2) Please make sure to check out USPS shipping restrictions in my carrd before making any purchases. If you purchase from me and I cannot ship to you I will have to refund your order as I don't know how long it will take for the restriction to be lifted
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| Details
☾ 5x5 postcard print
☾ white felt paper

| Shipping
☾ You may choose either "Stamped" or "Tracked"
☾ Stamped shipping does not have any tracking and can be lost without anyway of knowing where it ended up, please keep this in mind

| Disclaimer
☾ I will not be accepting any exchanges or refunds
☾ I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once packages are mailed, anything that may happen to it is out of my hands.